Letter Where You Live

A typographic piece in response to a brief from 'Typism'. I created and photographed on the beach in my hometown, Llantwit Major.


Happiness Dictionary

14 screen printed A3 pages, hand bound, containing 12 detachable posters, made from quotes from friends definitions on happiness. Paper prepped with spray paint.


Ali Quote

A screen print of a quote from my friend Ali. Paper prepare with spray paint.


Funny Bones

A video containing photographs of where friends thought where there funny bone was.


Over & Under: The Place of the Bridge

An exhibition I helped curate and prepare for the public. In association with the Architecture Centre and Control Room, Bristol.


Laugh Synonyms

A 1 colour screen print of the laugh synonyms.



Video footage of friends reading a laugh which I had written out, of the character Buggs Bunny.


The Laughing Song

An animation focusing on the laughing vocals of Charlotte Church's performance of 'The Laughing Song', each frame was hand drawn and uploaded to the computer.

A 2 colour screen print, using gold foiling and paint.


3D1 Mural

A mural created to commemorate a friend, at Llantwit Major beach, Wales.


What is a Haha?

A video piece filming a 'haha' and recordings of peoples responses to what they think a haha is.


Laugh Synonyms

An animation using the 'el Gordoni' typeface, experimenting with colours relating to happiness.


el Gordoni

A quirky serif typeface I created and screen printed onto 200gsm paper and t shirts. Inspired from Bodoni and hand drawn type.




Letterpress prints

A quote I tweaked from Wendy Rene's 'After Laughter' 1964 single. Paper prepped with spray paint.



The Smile Experiment

I decided to take a walk around the city of Bristol, covering different areas to see how people react when I smile at them and recording the results.

Smile Challenge Map, showing the route which I took and landmarks along the way.

A booklet I created, showing the different areas which I covered on my route. Showing the results and signs I put up.


Hip Hop Haha

Samples from a small selection of hip hop songs with 'haha' within the lyrics. Hand drawn and illustrated into a stop motion video.


Tomorrow is a Mystery

A GIF compilation of a phrase which I got fram chatting to a Big Issue seller. Each drawing was distorted and inverted using the scanner.



To try and make people happy, I thought that laughing would be the best way! I originally recorded myself and then recorded friends reactions, then showing friends other friends laughing and so on. I hope this video made you giggle.


Happiness Song


Einstein on the Beach

A video documenting a project on music. Some of the people starring in the video had musical knowledge, and others with none. I recorded each person separately before compiling them together again. The original piece of music was; Einstein on the Beach, Knee Play 5.


Living With Less

The final submission for the RSA, a collaborative stop motion animation with Tom Craner-Buckley. Cardboard and plastic bags were used for the animation.


Hang Up Happy

An spoken experiment, I rang up Tesco customer service to try and brighten someone's day.



A collaborative piece with Matt Mayes, responding to Pero Bridge, Bristol. Focusing on close up shots, disguising the bridge as it is well very well known and used in Bristol.


I Read The News Today

I responded to 2 pieces of news each week over the summer holidays using image, text and collage.
Click here to see the PDF.


Long exposures

In collaboration with my brother and photographer Al Gordon, we used long exposures to record the movement of light and its fascinating results.




As it was Notorious BIG's birthday, I used my own style of handcut font to create this typographic piece.



The Four Fathers

In response to 420 I decided to create an image of the four fathers, ilustrating for celebrity weed smokers.



Book Review

Over the summer holidays I was given the task to read a book and create a book review in response to reading the book.


Picture Sound

With this brief I was given a 30 second audio track from a classmate, I had to create a video to go alongside the audio track. I used coloured paper to do this, using a stop motion.


Southville Project

I was given a brief to go to Southville as a group of 8, after then teaming up in groups of we had to respond to the area. Focusing on horizontal and vertical lines, we noticed that a lot of people were looking at the floor quite a lot. We then decided to use balloons to get people to look up at the sky around them.


Hometown Map

I created a vector map complete with illustrations and explanations of my memories of my hometown, Llantwit Major!


Imperialism Library Book

I was given a library reference, the book which I got was called 'Islamic Imperialism'. I used Imperial Leather soap to recreate different buildings around the world relating to imperialism. I created a booklet documenting the models also.


Five Hours

I sat at Univerity Road, Bristol for 5 hours, and spent most of the time people watching. I noticed there was a lot of students in the area and they didnt look very happy. I tried smiling at them, but only 5 people smiled back all day. Therefore I decided to make them happy by giving away free: drinks, crisps and nuts.


50 Photographs

I took a range of photos and created a document with cut outs of the images, and a brief explanation behind the photographs taken.